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We specifically wanted software that could handle our rental listings.  We needed to be able to search by neighborhood in addition to the standard types of searches.  Your Realty Broker Office software has worked out great for us.
Danny Lopez, IL


I started out wanting a software just to track my rental listings.  After trying your software, I was able to get rid of a program I was using to calculate commissions.  I like having everything in one software.  It has made my office work a bit more smoother.
Carol Layne, NY


You guys have gotten it right.  I can track my rental listings, search by lots of categories, see which marketing efforts are working, and have my listings automatically displayed on my website.  With the software being web-based, I can access my listings anywhere -which is great because I'm always out of the office.
Greg Harris, NJ


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Rental Brokerage Management System that lets you effectively and easily manage your rental listings real estate business.

track rentals by neighborhood, street, condition,...
complete paperwork in minutes -electronically & paperless,
contracts and documents stored with each transaction,
view agents work progress and sales potential,
calculate commissions,
interactive property search,
company forms,
secure data,
access anywhere
...and more

Before you spend one dime, we want you to try it Free.

You get real-time sharing of information throughout your corporate office, service divisions, branch offices, home and virtual offices so that you can close more deals and help your clients 'properties move quickly.

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Price $97.99 for initial-admin account/month
  $  9.99 each additional user/month
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"What exactly is Realty Broker Office  Rental and how can you get an advantage over your competition?

Realty Broker Office  Rental is the leading internet real estate software that can help your entire office (brokers, agents & staff) run smooth, close more deals, and find new prospects.  All of your real estate information is stored in your company's Realty Broker Office  database that everyone access and update in real time.

You get to beat your competition and save $thousands of dollars at the same time.  With Realty Broker Office  everything is included in the product.  We do not sell the modules separate, charge every time you add a transaction, or ask you to pay for each agent's information you want to add to your system. No payment plan and No financing needed -You know the companies that asks for thousands of dollars upfront or want you to setup a payment plan or say that they can help you finance the purchase.  Wow! this is all before you can see how the darn thing will work in your business and with your agents and staff.  Their are even companies that ask you to pay a fee just to demo the software. What for?  What if you don't like the software?

I have five agents who are constantly busy with getting new listings, as well as making sure existing inventory is moved quickly.  We all put Realty Broker Office to the test.  The result is that your software lives up to the promises.  It was easy for us to enter the listings, easy to search for listing and that commission screen is just awesome.
Jessie Mesa, FL

We have taken a very different approach, because we clearly understand software, technology and the real estate industry.  And quite frankly, if we were going to buy software, we would want to see how it would work in our business first, before spending a dime.

Wouldn't you want to see how it would work first? Enter some listings, create some transactions, calculate commissions for a few agents, run some reports...?

Well that's how we feel about it and that's exactly what we let you do.  In fact we give you the full blown system -nothing is turned off- for 15 days.  And we include Training and Support, because we want you to have every opportunity possible to see if Realty Broker Office will work for you during your free trial period.

Guaranteed Satisfaction -If you do not like Realty Broker Office  for whatever reason... (including the dog ate it), just cancel before your free trial period end. That's it.

If you are like most real estate professionals that fall in love with Realty Broker Office , then do nothing. Your system is setup, your company settings are in place and you have already been trained.  Just keep using it.

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